Mission Statement

We are in the business of giving our clients peace of mind by providing excellent Veterinary care, compassion and great communication.

Our Core Values

Patient care. We maintain excellence in patient care.
Education. We always encourage our staff to fulfill their potential and we support continuing personal and professional development, as well as encouraging empathy for our patients and you, our clients.
Autonomy. We offer a great deal of autonomy to the teams running our practices, though we do have guidelines so that the Group works collectively and supportively. We are prepared to work out of our comfort zone – this is where we learn.
Collaboration, cooperation and consistency with each other and our clients, whenever help, information or advice is needed.
Exceptional work. We strive to do exceptional work and have our clients and their pets benefit from it.

Outstanding client care, attention to detail and value for money.
Freedom to question the way things are done in order to improve patient care and client service.

Motivation to constantly learn and continually improve our skills.
Integrity. Doing what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it.
Never-ending, constant improvement.
Dependability. The notion that each of us is here for our clients and their pets, and for one another.