Saying goodbye

The loss of a much loved pet is often an emotional time, so it can be a comfort to receive support from others at this time, Bruton Vets offers pet owners compassionate advice and support at this sad time.

It can be a comfort to receive help and support from others at this time, Bruton Vets offers all our pet owners compassionate support and advice. The Pet Bereavement Support Service (supported by the Blue Cross animal charity) provides a confidential phone and email service for bereaved pet owners. The freephone line is manned from 8.30am to 8.30pm. Call 0800 096 6606 or email

Having to think about putting your pet to sleep can be very upsetting. It is only natural that you may want to delay this decision, but ultimately your pet’s comfort, well-being and quality of life are the most important considerations. Bruton Vets are here to help advise and support you as to when this decision should be made. We can make a home visit for this procedure, but even in the surgery you will be able to hold and comfort your pet during their final moments. The animals are unaware of what is happening and many owners’ grief is helped by seeing how peacefully their pet slips into a peaceful sleep.

Sometimes an emergency decision means a pet has to be put to sleep and you are not able to be present. We will try to contact you at the time and if possible wait for you to be present. If this is not possible, you will still be able to have time with your pet to say goodbye afterwards.

Loving homes

There are many unwanted animals in this world looking for a loving home. Of course you will never forget the pet you have lost, but at some time in the future you may be able to consider giving another animal the opportunity of experiencing the love and affection you have to give.