Spaying and neutering

Spaying and neutering (sometimes called castrating) helps prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies and has certain long term health benefits.

Spaying and neutering (also known as castrating) prevents unwanted pregnancy in pets. Here at Bruton vets we recommend neutering male dogs and cats from around 6 months of age, we also recommend 6 months of age for spaying female cats. For bitches we recommend waiting until 2-3 months after their first season.

Your pet will need to stay with us for the whole day, simply so we can keep an eye on their recovery from the anaesthetic. The nurses will call you in the afternoon to arrange a time for your pets discharge later on that evening. Upon returning home your pet will need to be kept calm and allowed to sleep of their anaesthetic that evening. A buster collar may also be provided to prevent interference with their stitches and surgical wound and we would need to see your pet back the following day to check that they have recovered from the anaesthetic and to check their surgical wound. After the procedure your pet will need to be exercise restricted for 10 days (3 days for cat castrations) to allow the wounds to heal, some stitches that we use are dis-solvable and others will need to be taken out in 7-10 days, we will advise you on this on your pets discharge.

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