Surgical & dental services

Bruton Vets provides many medical and surgical services. Our experienced vets are competent in all aspects of veterinary surgery and provide top quality veterinary medicine.

We will go through all aspects of your pet’s procedure before their surgery so any questions that you may have can be answered. From routine surgeries, such as spaying and neutering, to more demanding operations such as surgery required for treating arthritis and dog hip dysplasia, we provide the best surgical and dental services in Bruton.

Dental surgery

Keeping teeth and gums healthy and clear of periodontal disease is vital to give your pet a long and healthy life. The latest ultrasonic dental equipment means Bruton Vets can provide quick and effective dental procedures.

Caring for your pet

It is only natural that you may have some concerns when your pet needs surgery. We use safe anesthetics, up to date surgical practices and provide post-operative care and pain management to care for your pet. We also offer and recommend performing a pre-operative blood test before any procedure, this is to check the general health status of your pet and these tests will check the health of the liver and kidneys, screen for diabetes, blood proteins and also check the red and white cell count.

As well as a pre-operative blood test we also recommend having your pet on a drip throughout their surgery. This will help to maintain your pets blood pressure and also helps to speed up their recovery process. At Bruton Vets our team have experience of critical care, from cross matching of blood types to overseeing the safety of pet blood transfusions. Making sure all our pet patients are comfortable before, during and after their surgery is important to us.

The Bruton Vets staff care for every pet as if it was their own. After surgery we will let you know how your pet’s procedure went and about their recovery.


Before you take your pet home we will discuss with you the details of their post-operative care and medication. We know surgery can be an anxious time for pet owners. If you have any concerns or questions during the post-operative stage at home, please do call us. At Bruton Vets we do everything we can to aid the recovery of your pet.

For more information on surgical care, please visit our before and after surgery page.

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