Vet nurse clinics

We offer all our pet owners Vet Nurse Clinics in Bruton.

These are hosted by our kind and qualified veterinary nurses who will help you with many aspects of pet care and health, such as Routine Pet Care, Dental Care and Weight & Nutrition. If you would like to join them call Bruton Vets to book an appointment. In the clinics you will have time to voice any of the more routine pet care concerns you may have. Our nurses can also be helpful in noticing symptoms of health conditions before they become more serious if left untreated. There is a minor charge if any minor procedures are required, such as nail clipping.

Routine pet care clinic

Free advice is given on pet health and care and we offer many regular routine pet care services. For some minor procedures there is a modest charge:

  • Therapeutic grooming
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Administering medication
  • Checking for fleas and worming
  • Wound dressing change

Dental care clinic

Routine dental care checkups are recommended every three months. Our veterinary nurses will be able to demonstrate pet dental care aids. This will include enzymatic toothpastes, supplements, dental foods, dental chews and toys, as well as showing you how to carry out tooth brushing. An individual dental care plan can be advised to prevent dental disease in your pet. Occasionally rabbits and guinea pigs teeth may become overgrown and these will need to be trimmed so they can eat. Caged bird’s beaks may also require trimming. Sometimes this problem is due to diet. Our veterinary nurse will offer you advice on how to use diet to help this condition, as well as arranging for the vet to carry out the clipped required.

Puppy and kitten clinic

Free advice is offered by our veterinary nurses about choosing a puppy or kitten to suit your lifestyle as well as advice on all aspects of caring for your new pet. Every new puppy and kitten owner receives a complimentary Welcome Pack of helpful information. This will include four weeks of free pet insurance and A pre-vaccination health check is also given free of charge. During this clinic the veterinary nurse discusses, vaccinations, worm & flea prevention, training, toys, diet, pet insurance and the Bruton Vets Pet Health Club to help you save money and spread the cost of the regular veterinary care your new pet will need.

Adolescents clinic

The transition from puppy or kitten to adult starts at six to nine months of age. The veterinary nurse will speak to you about some of the changes you will need to make to their diet, exercise, socialisation and training. We will also advise on worm and flea control, vaccinations and spaying and neutering. Bruton Vets supplies a choice of foods, training aids and other accessories for pets of this age. We will enjoy following your pet’s progress!

Seniors clinic

Frequently conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney and thyroid problems can develop as pets grow older. These health conditions can start in subtle ways in the early stages, so early diagnosis and preventative health care is important for your older pet so they can continue to enjoy a good quality of life. At Bruton Vets we can keep watch over the health of your senior pet and if we feel they need to see a vet for any tests we will let you know. We are here to support your pet through their golden years.

Weight & nutrition clinic

Bruton Vets holds a regular and free weight and diet clinic. Appointments are always available for this clinic. Our veterinary nurse will weigh your pet and will let you know the best weight for your pet. We will also discuss nutrition with you and the best food and feeding routine for your pet. Overweight pet are at greater risk of developing health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems. We can help you keep your pet in top condition.

Please call us to book your pet in for a weight check.